Who we are

ArtLove is a London-based art consultancy set up to enhance the value and the visibility of an art collection. Offering comprehensive research and specialist expertise, we help our clients increasing the network of exposure for both their artworks and artists.

On a national and international level, ArtLove aims to create strategies, build alliances and partnerships in order to deliver art projects, events and exhibitions. ArtLove proposes its strategic vision to interested stakeholders to identify together the best solution to create value around an artist, an art work or a collection by collaborating with the appropriate advisors in the various fields of action.

ArtLove has been appointed to add value to the artworks displayed on this website.

What We Do

Collection Management and Promotion
• Organize exhibitions and collection displays

• Facilitate loans of works to museums and exhibitions

• Provide advice on insurance, shipping and installation, offering cost-effective solutions.

• Create, organise and upkeep a full inventory for each client

• Guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality through every phase of each transaction to protect our clients’ best interests

Art acquisitions and sales
• Identify and share market’s trends and opportunities by monitoring public and private sales

• Manage acquisitions’ legality

• Source private off-market purchases and negotiate the best price

• Act as representative at auction

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein

With vast experience in sales, management and business development, Elettra is an innovative entrepreneur with great energy. Her academic background together with her diverse array of experiences are the key influencers in her wide lens view to problem-solving. She received a Bachelor’s Degree at Goldsmiths and a Master’s Degree at the Imperial College.

Rosita Mariella

Project Manager
Rosita comes from a background in the commercial art world, with extensive experience in art galleries, collections and auctions organisations. She has an economics and art management academic background with a Bachelor’s Degree at Università Bocconi and a Master’s Degree at the University of Warwick.

Federica Maria Boni

Project Assistant
Federica is a determined young professional with art and fine and rare wines background. She holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and has a strong passion for the arts. Past experiences include working with an artists’ residency and art collection.